When the Party Stops

What happens when it’s all over? When I work twenty-four seven I don’t think about the end game. How all this work and the constant sweat will lead to a sweet ending. Somehow cooking doesn’t resolve my mind. It just makes it more anxious. Thinking constantly about working against the clock, and how will this […]

That’s Life

There is a time and a place for everything. This was the worst year of my life. Somehow college was supposed to be fun and carefree, but instead, all I experienced was extreme failure and disappointment. My depression was worse, my classes were going nowhere as well as my degree, I was unemployed, and I […]

Shirt and Tie

I haven’t foot into an office in three years.  Graduating with a bachelors I didn’t have a plan. There would never be an answer as to how I would spend my life through work.  I just wanted to work in an office because I thought it was the right thing to do. Each day I […]


I’ve worked alongside managers who were friends with co-workers. This should never happen.  As a kitchen, the majority of its operations are based on work being finished. Nobody cares about your thoughts or interests, and even in a carefree environment, everything needs to be done quickly and efficiently. There should never be a situation between […]

The Questions of a Chef

Will it all be worth it in the end? This is a question you’ve asked yourself from time to time. When working in this fast-paced, grueling, and otherwise uncomfortable environment, you’ve wondered on a few occasions whether being as a chef was the best choice for a career. In light of recent events, a vast […]

Code Red

Having too much time on your hands is the worst for chefs. Being in a state of not working because of being laid off, or the closure of a restaurant, causes a chef to be in a state of constant worry and anxiety. You can’t blame them. For one they’re always on their feet, always […]

Being the Host

There is always the presentation that makes an experience worthwhile. In the front of the house the whole setting you see is devised for the experience of eating and drinking, and also creating an experience for the customer to want more. For those who create an experience such as the hostess, the servers, or even […]